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Operative Luftfahrtberufe

  • Air Transport Pilot (ATPL (A))

    Air Transport Pilots with ATPL (A) navigate large cargo and passenger aircrafts which are flown by two pilots.

  • Commercial Pilot (CPL (A))

    Commercial pilots with a CPL (A) license navigate cargo and passenger aircrafts which are flown by a single pilot and can also work as co-pilots.

  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot (CPL (H))

    Professional helicopter pilots with CPL (H) license navigate helicopters and are predominantly active in commercial air transport, in the German Army, the Police or in rescue services.

  • Flight Instructor

    Flight instructors train pilots for various aircrafts and helicopters in all aspects of practice and theory. Besides teaching, a flight instructor's tasks also include maintaining the training aircrafts.

  • Flight Attendant

    Flight Attendants are responsible for the health and safety of the passengers in the flight. They greet the passengers, help to stow the luggage and familiarise passengers with the safety precautions.

  • Air Traffic Controller

    Air traffic controllers control all flight movement at airports as well as in the air. They keep radio contact to the cockpit crew and communicate in English, the international language of aviation.

  • Aviation Authority Administrator

    The Aviation Authority reviews flight operations and facilities at airports and airfields on behlalf of the aviation authorities of the countries. They guarantee that all technical equipment is working fine, that documentation is complete and the runways are undamaged.

  • Flight Dispatcher

    Flight dispatchers are employed at airlines and support pilots in preparing for flights. They take care that the flights are secure, punctual and economic.

  • Ground Handling Agent

    Ground handling agents are employed by airport operators and work directly on the aircraft during its time on ground. They guide and secure the aircraft, and coordinate maintenance measures.

  • Ramp Agent

    Ramp agents are responsible for all work done on an aircraft during time on the ground. They need to manage the tasks of a team of 25 team members.

Technische Luftfahrtberufe

  • Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineer

    Aeronautical engineers develop aviation devices like aircrafts, helicopters, spaceships or satellites. They are responsible for production from the planning phase right through to completion.

  • Transport Engineer

    Transport engineers recognize and solve transport problems in rail, road, aviation or shipping and marine technology. They develop traffic systems and transport concepts, draft and measure traffic facilities.

  • Aircraft Mechanic

    Aircraft mechanics manufacture aircrafts of all kinds and produce engines. They also take on maintenance and servicing tasks. The variety of tasks depends on the specific field of studies: production technology, maintenance technology and engine technology.

  • Aircraft Electrician

    Electrical engineers produce aircrafts and aeronautical systems, install and repair them. Furthermore, they install and maintain flight-safety technology

  • Light Aircraft Engineer

    Light aircraft engineers build light aircrafts. In general, this means gliders, powered sailplanes, ultra light aircrafts and other small powered aircrafts. Furthermore, they assemble the equipment, maintain and repair it.

  • Certifying Staff

    Certifying staff inspect the traffic and operation safety of aircrafts and other flying devices. They also check the components and fittings.

  • Industry Specialist Aviation Production/Technology

    Industry specialists in aviation production or technology take on expert and leadership tasks in all operational areas of the aircraft industry.

  • Certifying Technician

    State recognised certifying technicians draft and construct aircrafts and their components.

  • Air Traffic Control Technician

    Air traffic control technicians monitor the machinery and equipment which ensure safe flight operations. They fulfil tasks in the areas of navigation, communication, data generation of radar and processing of radar and flight data

Kaufmännische Luftfahrtberufe

  • Transport Economist

    Transport economists plan, organise and monitor the business activities of a company in the transport sector.

  • Aviation Economist

    Aviation economists plan, organise, and monitor the carriage of passengers and goods in aircrafts, advise customers, reserve and sell flight tickets.

  • Ground host/ess

    Ground hostesses / service agents process and check flight tickets and travel documentation, allocate seats and issue boarding passes. Furthermore, they check in the luggage.

  • Aviation Service Personnel

    Aviation service personnel are customer oriented, meet the needs of the customer and help to solve problems and conflicts. Their field of tasks also includes marketing, controlling and quality assurance.

  • International Aviation Assistant

    International aviation assistants advise and look affter passengers at the airport. They are involved not only in the sale of tickets but also in the clearance and check in of cargo and passengers

  • Airport Security Agent

    Airport security agents check the passengers, luggage and air freight at airports. Furthermore, airport security screeners carry out body checks with the aid of metal detectors.