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Air Baltic Training, SIA

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Air Baltic Training, SIA


airBaltic Training















airBaltic Training, subsidiary of Air Baltic Corp. is offering a wide range of aviation training services in Riga, Latvia. The totally modern and purpose built airBaltic Training facility is equipped with a B737 Classic Full Flight Simulator, Multi Purpose Trainer, door trainers, computerized and convenient classrooms.


All airBaltic Training programs adhere to EU-OPS and FCL regulations and are created and instructed by active aviation professionals working and flying directly with airBaltic. Courses can be carried on English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian and several other languages.


Thanks to airBaltic and its wide route network Riga is easily accessible for every customer. As a part of airBaltic Corporation we are able to provide most attractive package of other services, including flight, transportation, accommodation and visa assistance.






Since February, 2011, airBaltic Training is proud to wear the name  “IATA Regional Training Center”, the only one in the European Union.

airBaltic Training centre is one of the biggest and modern training facilities in Central and Eastern Europe.

On three floors of our spacious building we have all the necessary rooms and equipment for effective trainings and pleasant relaxation.

Trainings on water are performed in pool which is located 10 minutes driving from our premises.


Trainings in airplanes are performed in Riga International Airport which is 5 minutes walking from our premises.

B737 CL Full Flight Simulator
Fire Fighting & Smoke Trainer (MPCT)
B737 slide & door trainer
F50 door trainer
Other Equipment