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Air Traffic Control Technician

What exactly do air traffic control technicians do?


Air traffic control technicians monitor the machinery and equipment which secure safe flight operations. They fulfil tasks in the areas of navigation, communication, data generation of radar and processing of radar and flight data. Additionally, they debug any problems in these areas.

Air traffic control technicians generally work for airport and air safety operations in civil and military aviation. In addition, they are employed in space-aviation and aircraft manufacturing companies.

Which requirements do air traffic control technicians need to fulfil?


To become an air traffic control technician, you usually require vocational training in accordance with the German regulations for personnel training in air traffic control (FSPersAV). Furthermore, their background needs to be checked by the Aviation Security Authority in accordance with the Aviation Security Act.

Air traffic controlling tasks may only be carried out by those with the corresponding air traffic controller license.


How can I become an air traffic control technician?


Training to become a air traffic control technician needs to be technical training, e.g. the training of an electrician, IT specialist, communications engineer or a telematics specialist.


Where does training to become an air traffic control technician take place?


Training to become an air traffic control technician takes place at state-authorized vocational colleges.


How good are the prospects of advancement as an air traffic control technician?


There are various opportunities for advancement within aviation companies, these vary from employer to employer.


How high is the salary as a flight safety technician?

The salary for air traffic control technicians varies from employer to employer. The average gross salary comes to around 4,000 EUR (status from 2010).

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