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Certifying Technician

What exactly do certifying technicians do?


State recognised aviation technicians draft and construct aircrafts and their components. They organise the production and assembly of aviation vehicles and ensure their maintenance. Additionally, they take on operational and sales tasks.

Certifying technicians work in production & maintenance companies for aviation vehicles. Additionally, they work at supplying companies where corresponding components are developed and built. Furthermore, they can find employment opportunities at airlines and airports. There are further opportunities in engineering firms for technical planning.

Which requirements do certifying technicians need to fulfil?


  • Graduation from training in one of the vocations defined for this field of expertise in the Vocational Training Act, Crafts Code or national/federal law
  • Completed vocational training
  • Professional experience of at least one year in the trained job.



How can I become a certifying technician?


State recognised certifying technician is a continued training offered at vocational colleges and is regulated by the Federal States. 

If completed full-time, the training takes two to two and a half years.


Where does training to become a certifying technician take place?


Training to become a certifying technician takes place at vocational colleges which are recognised by the State.

How good are the prospects of advancement as a certifying technician?


Constant continued education is a part of daily life for certifying technicians, as the profession's framework conditions are continuously changing.


How high is the salary as a certifying technician?


The salary for certifying technicians varies from employer to employer. The average gross salary comes to around 2,600 EUR (status from 2010).

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