About Cargolux China Career Center

In 2014 Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Co. (HNCA) acquired a 35 % share in Cargolux Airlines S.A. as part of a strategic, mutally beneficial investment enabling Cargolux to strengthen its market position by adopting a ‘dual-hub strategy’ with Luxembourg (LUX) and Zhengzhou (CGO) as its primary hubs. The next step is to establish a China-based carrier. In 2016 Cargolux Airlines Int. S.A.’s Board of Directors approved the funds to start a new all-cargo airline based at Zhengzhou airport in the dynamic Henan province. 

Cargolux Airlines Int. S.A.’s investment represents a 25% share of the JV. Other shareholders are Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Co. (HNCA), which will hold 59%, Xin Gang Investment & Development Co., Ltd of Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economic Experimental Zone with 8% and the Henan Airport Group Co., Ltd, which holds the remaining 8%

HNCA is a state-owned enterprise, concentrating on the development of the civil aviation industry, the construction of the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the Central China Economic Zone by actively participating in aviation infrastructure construction and the development of related industries.

Xin Gang Investment & Development Co., Ltd was founded in Zhengzhou in 2012 as a private company engaged in construction projects and is responsible for the development of the airport economic zone. The 415-sq.-km. (160-sq.-mile) Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone at Zhengzhou International Airport ranks among the largest economic zones in Central China with remarkable growth in industrial investment, economic output and trade volumes.

Henan Airport Group is the operator of Zhengzhou International Airport, the fastest growing cargo airport in China and designated as one of eight national Category 1 airports in China. The airport’s master plan through 2040 foresees five runways, one of which will be solely dedicated to cargo flights, four passenger terminals and expanded cargo facilities. Cargo capacity is planned to reach over three million tons annually, while passenger capacity will grow to 70 million annually.

As the youngest member of the Cargolux Goup ‘Cargolux China’ is expected to commence operation with three B747-400Fs in Q4 2018 with a network that is complementary to Cargolux Int. S.A.’s and Cargolux Italia’s. Cargolux has more than 46 years experience of operating successfully in the highly competitive air-cargo market. The basis of success lies in customer focus and a constant analysis of market demand triggering flexible adjustments of routes and capacity. With that in mind, it is currently forseen that ‘Cargolux China’ will have a strong focus on transpacific and Asia-pacific routes.