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Technical questions

- Document upload

- File conversion

- Account activation

- Loss of password

I can not upload my documents, what can I do?

In this case there are two possible explanations:

- The document exceeds the maximum filesize of 1 MB (1000 Kbs)

- The document has a format that is not supported by the system (Please upload documents only in JPG, PDF or, if necessary doc or docx format)

Where can I upload my documents?


You can easily upload the documents in the upload center which is part of your applicant-profile. You will reach the upload center by using the tab "My Career.aero" -> "Edit jobseeker profile" -> upload Center.


How does the upload center work?


The upload center gives you the opportunity to upload files that will then appear in your applications. You can upload a document by using the "Browse" button to select a file on your computer. After selecting the file, a filepath should be shown. You can upload that file by either using the "Upload" button or by using the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

Attention: You can upload an unlimited number of files!


How do I convert documents to PDF or JPG?


Converting a document to PDF:

Most word processing tools have the possibility of converting a document to PDF by using "Publish document" or "Save as" -> "Save as PDF" button.

Converting a document to JPG:

Most graphic processing tools have the possibility of converting a document to JPG by using "Save as" -> "Save as JPG" .


My documents exceeds the maximum filesize of 1 MB, how do I reduce the filesize?


How to reduce the filesize of a PDF-file:

PDF-files that are larger than 1 MB often have too many pages or have too many large graphics. To reduce the filesize split the document into several pieces and upload them sperately, or scan the documents once more in a smaller resolution (the resolution can be adjusted in the scan options).


How to reduce the filesize of a JPG-file:

Graphics or pictures often have a too large size that can easily be reduced by using a graphic processing tool (such as MS Paint) which has the option to change the measures of the picture.

My account is not activated, what can I do?


Generally applicants receive an activation link via email after creating their profile. If you have not received that email please contact the applicant support hotline.


I forgot my password, what can I do?


You can easily receive a new password by using the following link.