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European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH (EAT), and DHL Air Austria are two of DHL ́s airlines flying to destinations in Europe, parts of the Middle East, Northern Africa and Northern America. Today we hold a top position in air cargo.

Our flight crews operate Airbus 300-600, Airbus 330-200F and Boeing B757. The fleet presently counts 34 aircraft in total, flying to more than 50 destinations to cover EAT ́s part of the short, medium and long-range portfolio of the DHL Network with more than 400 flights a week. Our aircraft operate to the major international air freight hubs such as Madrid, East Midlands and Cincinnati, as well as other airports such as Lyon, Malta and Sevilla.

EAT Leipzig with around 400 pilots is the biggest airline within the global DHL network and a leading cargo aircraft maintenance provider in Europe. More than 1000 employees work for EAT Leipzig. Over 20 different nationalities in the cockpit and on the ground form EAT ́s international character. EAT is mainly operating out of Leipzig/ Germany, where the world’s largest DHL cargo hub is located.

DHL Air Austria GmbH will be a new DHL - Airline for the European market based in Vienna, Austria. DHL Air Austria is currently submitting the relevant applications to the Austrian authorities and is striving to unfold operations by end of this year.

The company will take over a fleet of Boeing 757F- freighters from DHL Air UK for the mainly European Network whereas DHL UK will focus on intercontinental operations. Flight crews will operate Boeing B757F serving the short and medium portfolio of the global DHL Network.

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