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Job Category:  Captain
Location:  Germany, Wittmund

European Flight Academy ATPL Programm

Job Category:  Flight Student
Location:  Germany

FLuggerätmechaniker CAT A (M/W/D)

Job Category:  Maintenance
Location:  Germany

General Information DHL/EAT

Job Category:  Flight Crew
Location:  Germany, Leipzig

Our products & services FNPT. Dein Training

FNPT. Your training

Our program for flight school graduates to strengthen their flying skills. We offer you tailor-made packages on our FNPT Piper PA-34 with our experts. Your skills are our priority. Deine Standortbestimmung

Your personal position determination

If you are looking for individual advice on your professional opportunities at the current time, you have the opportunity for an intensive coaching interview with one of our AQC teams of experts. Together with you, we develop ways to best meet the competitive job market for pilots. Also possible without contact.

career.check Pilot*in: Deine Berufsberatung

career.check Pilot:

Your career advice

For many young people, becoming a pilot is a career goal. However, the job market for flight school graduates is very volatile and the economic risks from high-quality training are immense. Our career advice helps you to reduce your risks and test your suitability for this profession. 


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This offer is only available for the german ...

SunExpress will be liquidated.

Yesterday, Tuesday, SunExpress Germany informed the workforce that - in the wake of the Corona crisis - there is no future for flight operations and the company will be liquidated. All employees will ...

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Level Europe from Vienna officially announced last Friday that it had applied for bankruptcy. In contrast to liquidation, bankruptcy means painful financial cuts for all employees and an equally ...