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A320 Airbus Type Rating Course 


A320 Airbus Type Rating Course

This EASA | Swiss FOCA approved type rating course program, will get you the required license
endorsement to fly and work on a Airbus A320 Family aircraft.

Total Duration: 5-7 days Ground-Training and 10-14 single or block training days at Simulator Center
location + 1 day Landing training on actual Aircraft.

PRICE: from EUR 10’000.00 per student - BASIC Full Type Rating
(CAA licensing fees & landing training excluded)

PRICE: from EUR 13’900.00 per student – APS | Airline Pilot Standard
(CAA licensing fees & landing training excluded)

MCC / JOC (Optional, if necessary): from EUR 2’995.00 per student

Advanced UPRT (Optional, if necessary): from EUR 2’950.00 per student


Attention! If you use the special discount code when booking at Jetline Training, you will get a discount of 1,000€ from a training value of 6,000€.



Four Course Phases:


Phase 1 & 2: Ground Training | Theoretical Part: CBT & Classroom | Basic and APS

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction consists of approx. 40 Computer Based Training hours over a
period at home of 5-7 days, prior to a 2 day face-to-face Classroom instruction with, Performance,
W&B, ESET, etc. Training.


Course Highlights include:

1. Computer-Based Training (CBT), LMS access including unlimited UBF & V-Prep. access
2. CBT for the FMS
3. Mass & Balance Calculations on EFB (Ipad App)
4. FCOM, AFM, Performance (Tables) or EFB Performance Module (i.a.w. Client Airline SOP)
5. Operational Procedures Training, Airbus or Client Airline SOP (i.a.w. OM-D and Airline
6. face-to-face personal, individual instruction & short theoretical knowledge check. (normally at
Simulator Training Center Site 1 day before Phase 3).
7. PBN / RNAV In-Depth Training course and CBT | APS only (or +950 EUR)


Phase 3: Practical Part: CPT – Cockpit Procedure Training & Full Flight Simulator

10-12 days Simulator Course, consisting:

1. 4 FTD (Fix-Base Sim)  Sim Session | APS only (or +1’950

2. 7 Full-Flight Simulator sessions (without MCC, depending on

3. 1 Simulator session, Line oriented flight Training (LOFT)
4. 1 Session for the CAA Check/Skill Test with a TRE / SFE
5. 1 Simulator Session LVO, CAT II/IIIa/IIIb for Operators | APS
Only (or + 2’100 EUR)



Locations available: Amsterdam (NL), Berlin (D), London (UK), Frankfurt (D), Düsseldorf (D), Milano
(IT), Beijing (China), Bangkok (Thailand), Zürich (CH), Vienna (AT), Copenhagen (DK).

• Each FFS session is 4 hours + briefing and debriefing, Total 6-8 hours per Session & Day.
• We need a minimum 2 students for the practical training, in order to ensure the quoted price.
• Single pilot trainings are available on request.


Phase 4: Landing Training on actual Aircraft (Base training)

Base Training (Landings on Aircraft) is not included in Price and is available with our Partner Airline(s)
on request and must be completed in the subsequent month of the passed Check-Session in the

  • Pricing EUR 5'000-8’995 per Pilot, depending on previous experience.
  • Minimum 4-6 landings + 1 Go-around need to be completed under supervision of a Type Rating Examiner Captain on the Left Seat.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location: Europe, Normally Denmark, France, Spain or Croatia, within 1 month after LPC


License endorsement

Our ATO fills out all necessary forms for your Civil Aviation Authority.
Depending on speed of your authority, your license with the A320 Type Rating included will be
endorsed onto your EASA license within a few days or week(s).
Afterwards you may join any Airline as First-Officer or you may join one of our Hour-Building Line-
Introduction Programs at one of our Partner Airlines (with or without salary) around the globe, in order
to improve your Pilot qualities and reach the 500 Hours Minimum needed at most major Airlines to
Join them with much higher Salaries.
NOTE: All prices excl. of local VAT, Hotel and Travel Cost, Nutrition excluded. We have special prices
at our sim-center location partner Hotels, which offer free shuttle service to the Simulator. Price
Budget are 60-80 EUR for a 3* Hotel up to 110 EUR for a 4* Hotel per Night including Breakfast.
Students need a Schengen VISA or Travel allowance. We offer support at partner VISA service firms
(at cost).