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Small Planet Airlines


You have not seen a charter airline company like ours. Once you look deeper you will notice a distinct culture. We are:


Brave Explorers

What distinguishes us is that we dream-up new things (remember “Why Not?” question), take risks and act fast. Calculated risks, but then we do take them. And the other difference is that we admit once we fail. But we act fast to solve our failures.


Proud Savers

We love to cut. But we cut in a clever way. There is no question that our planes fly safely and our customers feel good on board. We cut costs not our service.

In our business the devil is in the detail. Every cost item is good for examining, every process is good for improvement, and any innovation is worth consideration.


Sane Operators

We work with heart, but operate with head. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing while thinking.

In this world there are these words “professional” and “common sense”. No one knows what these mean exactly but everyone knows them once they see it. The way we work is that once we take a look at ourselves, we make sure these are there.


Fun Lovin' Team Players

We are down-to-earth, unpretentious people who enjoy what we do and enjoy doing it together.

We enjoy it and we don’t complicate it. From time to time we solve a problem with a bit humour and we save a few gray hairs with a no-problem approach.