Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineer

What exactly do aeronautical engineers do?


Aeronautical engineers develop aviation devices like aircrafts, helicopters, spaceships or satellites. They are responsible for production from the planning phase right through to completion. Besides that, they take on advisory functions in sales, maintenance, or flight safety. Employment opportunities for aeronautical engineers are very diverse. They might be employed at aircraft manufacturers, their suppliers, at airlines or airports, in engineering firms or in the academic field.


Which requirements do aeronautical engineers need to fulfil?


Aeronautical engineers need to have completed studies in aeronautical science. A university entry certificate or corresponding certificate (depending on the educational institute) is necessary for this. To be able to complete studies in aeronautical science, you need a deep understanding of mathematics, physics, chemistry, IT and English.


How can I become an aeronautical engineer?


The path to becoming an aeronautical engineer can go via a regular degree or a dual curriculum. Alternately, it can be coupled with obtaining a pilot's license. Depending on the institute, you can also complete training to become an aircraft mechanic or a mechatronics engineer at the same time. If you chose to do non-dual studies, you should gain some practical skills during internships. In order to study, you need to pay for any university costs and costs for books, materials etc.


What can aeronautical engineers expect in professional life?


Aeronautical engineers work predominantly in offices. Aviation companies, for instance suppliers, airlines, airports, engineering firms and academic authorities employ aeronautical engineers. Depending on the business, tasks may include procurement, logistics, management, sales and production planning all the way through to quality assurance, construction, process engineering and even lecturing at universities and working in research. As in all engineering professions, salaries in aeronautical engineering are proportionately high. Depending on experience, gross average wages come to between 3,700 and 5,250 EUR a month.