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Economic Education

You're interested in aviation, have a talent for organisation and love to communicate? Then a commercial aviation profession is just the thing for you! Find out here about the various commercial occupations!

  • Transport Economist

    Transport economists plan, organise and monitor the business activities of a company in the transport sector.

  • Aviation Economist

    Aviation economists plan, organise, and monitor the carriage of passengers and goods in aircrafts, advise customers, reserve and sell flight tickets.

  • Aviation Service Personnel

    Aviation service personnel are customer oriented, meet the needs of the customer and help to solve problems and conflicts. Their field of tasks also includes marketing, controlling and quality assurance.

  • Ground host/ess

    Ground hostesses / service agents process and check flight tickets and travel documentation, allocate seats and issue boarding passes. Furthermore, they check in the luggage.

  • International Aviation Assistant

    International aviation assistants advise and look affter passengers at the airport. They are involved not only in the sale of tickets but also in the clearance and check in of cargo and passengers

  • Airport Security Agent

    Airport security agents check the passengers, luggage and air freight at airports. Furthermore, airport security screeners carry out body checks with the aid of metal detectors.

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