Airport Security Agent

What exactly do airport security agents do?


Airport security agents check the passengers, luggage and air freight at airports. If they discover a suspicious object, they conduct an individual inspection and open the luggage. Furthermore, airport security agents carry out body checks with the aid of metal detectors and inspect passenger's hand luggage. Moreover, they support passengers with requests and solve security issues.

Airport security agents work at airport companies and private service providers for flight security.


Which requirements do airport security agents need to fulfil?


To become an airport security agent, training or continued training in the security business is usually expected. For certain activities, a license is also required. In order to do this, you'll need to complete certain trainings and sit the corresponding exams. Continuous further training is prescribed to be able to maintain the validity of the certificate. Furthermore, a background check needs to be carried out by the German Aviation Safety Authority in accordance with paragraph 7 of the Aviation Security Act. Moreover, a police clearance certificate is generally required and possibly additional supporting documents.


How can I become an airport security agent?


Various continued trainings are offered in the security sector which afford access to security jobs, including airport security agents.


Where does training to become an airport security agent take place?


Training for airport security agents takes place in the corresponding training companies and institutes


How good are the prospects and chances of advancement for airport security agents?

Continuous further training is prescribed to be able to maintain the validity of your certification.


How high is the salary for airport security agents?


The salary as an airport security agent varies from employer to employer. The average gross salary comes to around 1,900 EUR (status from 2010).