International Aviation Assistant

What exactly do international aviation assistants do?


International aviation assistants advise and look after passengers at the airport. They are involved not only in the sale of tickets but also in the clearance and check in of cargo and passengers. Furthermore, they assist the senior management of airlines in the areas of commerce and economics. These could be tasks in marketing, controlling and HR.


International aviation assistants work mainly for airport operators, at scheduled and chartered airlines, air freight forwarders and sometimes also at tour operators.

What requirements do international aviation assistants need to fulfil?


Requirements for the occupation of international aviation assistant are as follows:


  • at least an intermediate school leaving certificate
  • good English proficiency
  • good general knowledge
  • basic knowledge of international geography
  • flexibility and team skills


How can I become an international aviation assistant?


International aviation assistant training offered at vocational colleges and regulated by the individual states. The training programme takes two years.


Where does training to become an international aviation assistant take place?


Training for international aviation assistants takes place in the corresponding training companies and institutes.


How good are the prospects and advancement opportunities as an international aviation assistant?


There are various opportunities for advancement within different companies; these vary from employer to employer.


How high is the salary as an international aviation assistant?


The salary as an international aviation assistant varies from employer to employer.