Aviation Economist

What exactly do aviation economists do?


Aviation economists plan, organise, and monitor the carriage of passengers and goods in aircrafts, advise customers, reserve and sell flight tickets. Besides that, they calculate flight and freight prices and produce the necessary travel documentation. Furthermore, they carry out tasks in finance and accounting, execute market observations and develop marketing strategies. Moreover, they negotiate with customers (these might be travel event managers or forwarders) and with foreign airlines regarding routing and take-off /landing times.

Aviation economists work in airport operations as well as at charter airlines, air freight forwarders and travel offices.


Which requirements do aviation economists need to meet?


Requirements for the occupation aviation economists are:

  • Completed high school or advanced technical college, alternatively, graduation from intermediate school.
  • At least 18 years of age


How can I become an aviation economist?


Aviation economist is a recognised vocation in accordance with the Vocational Training Act. Training takes between two and a half to three years, depending on prior knowledge and performance.


Where does training to become an aviation economist take place?


Training for the occupation aviation economist takes place in corresponding training companies and institutes.


How good are the prospects and advancement opportunities as aviation economists?


There are various opportunities for advancement possible in this business; these vary from employer to employer. Additionally, there are many continued trainings, courses, or seminars so as to become specialised.


Following courses are available:

  • Transport and freight forwarding
  • Tourism
  • International relations


Under certain conditions, various continued and further training is available:

  • Instructor
  • Foreign trade expert
  • Economist
  • Transport administrator


After attending a technical college, possible studies at an advanced technical college are:

    • Diploma in Economics and Tourism


How high is the salary as an aviation economist?


The salary as an aviation economist varies from employer to employer. The average salary comes to around 2,200 EUR (status from 2010)