Operational training

The operative aviation occupations include all occupations which deal directly with air traffic. The job descriptions are diverse and require different strengths! Find out more about the various occupations here!

Commercial Pilot (CPL (A))

Commercial pilots with a CPL (A) license navigate cargo and passenger aircrafts which are flown by a single pilot and can also work as co-pilots.

Air Transport Pilot (ATPL (A))

Air Transport Pilots with ATPL (A) navigate large cargo and passenger aircrafts which are flown by two pilots.

Commercial Helicopter Pilot (CPL (H))

Professional helicopter pilots with CPL (H) license navigate helicopters and are predominantly active in commercial air transport, in the German Army, the Police or in rescue services.

Flight Instructor

Flight instructors train pilots for various aircrafts and helicopters in all aspects of practice and theory. Besides teaching, a flight instructor's tasks also include maintaining the training aircrafts.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers control all flight movement at airports as well as in the air. They keep radio contact to the cockpit crew and communicate in English, the international language of aviation.

Aviation Authority Administrator

The Aviation Authority reviews flight operations and facilities at airports and airfields on behlalf of the aviation authorities of the countries. They guarantee that all technical equipment is working fine, that documentation is complete and the runways are undamaged.

Flight Dispatcher

Flight dispatchers are employed at airlines and support pilots in preparing for flights. They take care that the flights are secure, punctual and economic.

Ground Handling Agent

Ground handling agents are employed by airport operators and work directly on the aircraft during its time on ground. They guide and secure the aircraft, and coordinate maintenance measures.

Ramp Agent

Ramp agents are responsible for all work done on an aircraft during time on the ground. They need to manage the tasks of a team of 25 team members.

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendants are responsible for the health and safety of the passengers in the flight. They greet the passengers, help to stow the luggage and familiarise passengers with the safety precautions.

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