Aviation Service Personnel

What exactly do aviation service personnel do?


Aviation service personnel are customer oriented, meet the needs of the customer and help to solve problems and conflicts. Their field of tasks also includes marketing, controlling and quality assurance. Furthermore, they give attention to safety equipment and processes, explain the technical use of onboard safety equipment to the passengers, take care of the passenger service and carry out the check-in. They attend to any passengers who need extra assistance and take care of the luggage service. Further tasks for aviation service personnel include compiling flight documents. Moreover, they plan and manage the use of funds, prepare work and shift rotas, receive and handle complaints.

Aviation service personnel mainly work at airlines, airports and handling companies.


Which requirements do aviation service personnel need to fulfil?


Requirements for the occupation of aviation service personnel are:

  • Completed high school or advanced technical college, alternatively, graduation from intermediate school
  • At least 18 years of age


How can I get into the job of aviation service personnel?


Aviation service personnel is a recognised vocation in accordance with the Vocational Training Act. Training takes between two and a half to three years, depending on prior knowledge and performance.


Where does training to become aviation service personnel take place?


Training for aviation service personnel takes place in the corresponding training companies and institutes.


How good are the prospects and advancement opportunities as aviation service personnel?


There are many continued trainings, courses, or seminars so as to become specialised.


Following courses are being offered:

  • Stress resilience
  • Translating and interpreting
  • Cargo securing


Under certain conditions, various continued and further training is available: 

  • Instructor
  • Expert for Marketing and Sales
  • Tourist administrator


After attending a technical college, possible studies at a vocational university are:

  • Tourism-Management-Assistance


How high is the salary as aviation service personnel?


The salary as aviation service personnel varies from employer to employer. The average salary comes to around 1,600 EUR (status from 2010)