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Technical training

Maths, physics, chemistry - not a problem? You're fascinated by aircrafts? Then a job in technical aviation is the right thing for you! Find out about various vocations such as engineer for aerospace technology, aircraft mechanic or aircraft electrician.

  • Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineer

    Aeronautical engineers develop aviation devices like aircrafts, helicopters, spaceships or satellites. They are responsible for production from the planning phase right through to completion.

  • Transport Engineer

    Transport engineers recognize and solve transport problems in rail, road, aviation or shipping and marine technology. They develop traffic systems and transport concepts, draft and measure traffic facilities.

  • Aircraft Mechanic

    Aircraft mechanics manufacture aircrafts of all kinds and produce engines. They also take on maintenance and servicing tasks. The variety of tasks depends on the specific field of studies: production technology, maintenance technology and engine technology.

  • Aircraft Electrician

    Electrical engineers produce aircrafts and aeronautical systems, install and repair them. Furthermore, they install and maintain flight-safety technology

  • Light Aircraft Engineer

    Light aircraft engineers build light aircrafts. In general, this means gliders, powered sailplanes, ultra light aircrafts and other small powered aircrafts. Furthermore, they assemble the equipment, maintain and repair it.

  • Certifying Staff

    Certifying staff inspect the traffic and operation safety of aircrafts and other flying devices. They also check the components and fittings.

  • Industry Specialist Aviation Production/Technology

    Industry specialists in aviation production or technology take on expert and leadership tasks in all operational areas of the aircraft industry.

  • Certifying Technician

    State recognised certifying technicians draft and construct aircrafts and their components.

  • Air Traffic Control Technician

    Air traffic control technicians monitor the machinery and equipment which ensure safe flight operations. They fulfil tasks in the areas of navigation, communication, data generation of radar and processing of radar and flight data

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