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DHL Pilot

DHL builds hub in Copenhagen - recruiting pilots

DHL Pilot


The freight service provider DHL Express is investing 134 million Euros in a new hub at Copenhagen Airport, thereby boosting the company's speed and quality in the region as well as creating 100 new jobs. "We want to grow through quality" John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express emphasised. "That's why we're making clear investments in our infrastructure, so as to improve our delivery quality and become even more efficient. Our international hubs are the backbone of our global network which keeps companies and customers throughout all industries connected. This way, we enable both sides to profit from the continual growth of online trade.

Pilots can already become a part of the DHL family at European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH (EAT), one of the DHL airlines for Europe and the Middle East. We currently have vacant cockpit positions for applicants with type ratings for Boeing 757-200, Airbus 330 and/or Airbus 300-600.




 (, DHL)

Jan 21, 2019

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