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SunExpress Pilot

Interpersonal starts Pilots assessments for SXD

SunExpress Pilot

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As of January 2019, the personnel service provider Interpersonal is now carrying out a ready-entry pilot selection for SunExpress Germany for all cockpit positions. Interpersonal has initiated the first assessments in Hamburg for the cockpit positions with their Basic Qualification (BQ), a simulator screening (SCR) and a final Corporate Qualification.


"Interpersonal has been carrying out personnel marketing and applicant management for cockpit and cabin crew for SunExpress since 2013", said Matthias Kagel, Managing Director at Interpersonal. Until now, SunExpress implemented assessments internally and in cooperation with other service providers. We're really excited that within the close cooperation between SunExpress Germany and Eurowings, we are able to win SunExpress Germany for our personnel selection services for the cockpit too". Interpersonal has been selecting cockpit crew for Eurowings Group since last year already.


Interested pilots can apply for over 30 type ratings on Boeing 737 and Airbus 330 at a further 10 appointments over the next 2 months. As well as the new assessments in Hamburg, applicants have the opportunity to decide for the compact and proven selection process in Berlin.


Apply now for:

Captain B 737 (m/w)

First Officer Airbus A330 (m/w)

First Officer B737 NG/MAX (m/w)



Jan 22, 2019

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