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Air traffic controller Job

Air traffic controllers warn of staff shortages

Air traffic controller Job

The air traffic controllers' union GdF expects bottlenecks this year as well, which are expected to become even more severe than last year. The union leadership announced this yesterday and accused the federally owned German Air Traffic Control (DFS) of serious failures in personnel planning and training.

According to DFS, there are already 213 air traffic controllers in training and 122 beginners are expected to support the team of 2,000 active air traffic controllers this year, but according to calculations by the GdF, the current efforts will not be sufficient to compensate for the age reductions until 2024. Over the next five years, between 400 and 700 controllers will stop flying, explained Markus Siebers, GdF Tariff Director. There were already around 200 air traffic controllers missing for German airspace. According to him, it takes four to five years before a controller pupil can actually be deployed.

Airlines are also dealing with the effects of the staff shortages at DFS. According to a spokesman, Lufthansa expects massive additional costs and rescheduling if the planned transfer of about 100,000 Lufthansa flights to lower airspaces and detours through less used sectors is realised. Both measures would extend flight times and increase kerosene consumption as well as CO2 pollution, the Lufthansa spokesman explained.

 (, dpa)

Feb 15, 2019

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