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Brexit Airlines

British Airlines:Transition for unregulated Brexit

Brexit Airlines

Should Great Britain leave the EU at the end of March without a treaty, air traffic in Europe should nevertheless remain intact and safety standards should be guaranteed. To this end, representatives of the EU member states and the European Parliament negotiated temporary emergency measures, which still have to be formally confirmed by the Council of Member States and the EU Parliament. Safety certificates for aircraft issued to companies in Great Britain are to remain valid for nine months after an unregulated Brexit. This offers enough time to renew the certificates with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) - then taking into account the new status of Great Britain as a third country, the Council of the EU states announced on Friday.

Previously, representatives of the EU states and parliament had already agreed on temporary measures to prevent flight cancellations after an unregulated Brexit. According to the Council, the regulation is intended to ensure that British licensed airlines can maintain connections between Great Britain and the other 27 EU states for up to seven months.

 (, dpa)

Feb 25, 2019

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