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Lufthansa Flight attendant Training

LAT uses Virtual Reality for Flight Attendant Training

Lufthansa Flight attendant Training

© Gregor Schläger/Lufthansa

Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) now uses Virtual Reality for some of the officially required, security-relevant training courses. "We are really proud to now officially begin with virtual training for flight attendant and offer them the most modern Virtual Reality training center for the aviation sector in Europe.“, said Ola Hansson, Managing Director at LAT.


For the actual training at the LAT training locations in Frankfurt and Munich, VR goggles are handed out to the participants with which they can then operate in one of the 18 new VR cabins which measure around three by three meters VR cabins. As soon as you put on the goggles, trainees immediately find themselves in a virtual aircraft. Throughout the exercise, a trainer has several monitors to keep an eye on the action: Live videos are broadcast from each cabin as well as what the participant has seen. Trainee and trainer can also contact each other directly at any time. Compared to training on a real plane or a cabin simulator, VR training is more efficient and cost-effective.


Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH was formed at the beginning of 2017 from Lufthansa Flight Training and Swiss Aviation Training and, with a customer portfolio of over 200 national and international airlines, is one of the leading companies in the field of flight training. The company, headquartered in Halbergmoos near Munich, employs a total of 1,000 people at twelve training locations.


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Apr 3, 2019