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Condor Retro

Condor: New Retro Paint Job for A320

Condor Retro

© Condor


Since the beginning of this week, Condor has started flying through the skies with a further A320 in retro design. The D-AICH aircraft, painted in the style of the early 1960s, resembles the beginnings of holiday flying in Europe, of which Condor is one of the pioneers. The name "Hans" is intended to commemorate the travel entrepreneur Hans Geisler, who in 1956 started the first charter flights to Jerusalem and Egypt from "Deutsche Flugdienst GmbH", from which Condor emerged. Currently, "Hans" flies to the Canary Islands, North Africa and Turkey.


The 60s design is one of three special edition paint jobs. Alongside "Hans", there is also "Achi,", with yellow tail, stabilizers and the Condor clamp in a 1970s style. Then there is "Willi" with lots of bright love hearts on the fuselage. "Achim" commemorates the long-time employee Achim Nietmann. "Willi" is an homage to Wilfried Meyer, the long-term Sales Manager at Condor.


 (, Condor)

Apr 18, 2019

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