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Eurowings Partners

Eurowings operates flights of other airlines

Eurowings Partners

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Eurowings is launching a new innovative booking platform, developed by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, the central digitization unit of the Lufthansa Group in Berlin, together with experts from Eurowings Digital. Customers can now book numerous connecting flights in one step. The new platform links Eurowings flights with the offers of other airlines with which no code-sharing agreement exists. The principle is called "virtual interlining" and also means that the platform assumes the transfer risk: if a passenger misses his connecting flight, the Eurowings Flight platform takes over the rebooking without incurring any additional costs for the customer.


The Eurowings Flight Platform supplements Eurowings' route network with numerous transfer connections at attractive conditions: Eurowings flights can now be seamlessly combined with flights operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle and SunExpress. This results, for example, in completely new connecting flights from Scandinavia via Germany to Mexico or from Turkey via Düsseldorf to the USA. "We are gradually expanding into a Travel Companion that meets all travel needs. The seamless networking of transport providers on the ground and in the air is an essential part of this. That's why we're now also selling tickets from airlines that complement our virtual interlining service," says Eurowings Digital Managing Director Oliver Schmitt.


 (, Eurowings)

May 10, 2019

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