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Air traffic climate

Air traffic continues to grow despite climate debate

Air traffic climate

Despite the current debate on climate change, there are still no noticeable effects on air traffic. Stephan Erler, CEO of the British low-cost airline Easyjet in Germany, told the German Press Agency (dpa): "We are looking at around 90 million passengers for the year as a whole and expect further growth this year.

We are therefore unable to establish any connection to the climate debate." Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr also told the Neue Züricher Zeitung that the Dax Group could not detect any hesitation on the part of its customers. However, he criticized cheap flights of less than ten euros as irresponsible from an economic and ecological point of view.

Organisations such as Myclimate, ClimatePartner or Arktik, where the CO2 emissions of a flight or a cruise are to be offset by donations to ecologically oriented projects, are recording growth. In 2018, Atmosfair received about 40 percent more payments for this purpose than in 2017. For 2019, the organisation expects a further increase in willingness to donate, as a spokesman for the dpa announced.


 (, dpa)

Jul 15, 2019

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