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DHL Fleet

DHL upgrades fleet with six new Boeing 777s

DHL Fleet



Before the end of this year, DHL Express plans to modernise its fleet with six new Boeing 777F-200s. The first aircraft already landed at its home airport in Cincinnati last week. DHL ordered a total of 14 new freighters from the US aircraft manufacturer: four were already delivered in 2019, six are to follow this year and four more are planned for 2021. The new jets will replace the older members of the intercontinental fleet.

"We are delighted to welcome additional Boeing 777 cargo aircraft to the DHL Express family this year," said John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express. "The modernization of our intercontinental fleet will enable us to respond even better to the growing demand for global express capacity, improve our environmental footprint and deliver the best quality of service to our customers".



Feb 26, 2020

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