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A sad day for the aviation industry

SunExpress will be liquidated.

A sad day for the aviation industry

© SunExpress Deutschland

Yesterday, Tuesday, SunExpress Germany informed the workforce that - in the wake of the Corona crisis - there is no future for flight operations and the company will be liquidated. All employees will continue to be employed until the end of August 2020 - as long as an agreed job security applies. After that, all employees should be dismissed in accordance with their applicable notice periods. As of today, talks will be held with company and tariff partners for precise implementation. As a long-term partner of SunExpress and as an employer for over 1,200 flight attendants and pilots who have worked for SunExpress in the past 6 years, we are dismayed and saddened by this development. As interpersonal, we will do everything we can to offer those affected new job offers, but also offer offers to maintain individual qualifications or new professional orientation and, if necessary, individual support. We wish all affected employees and their families a lot of strength and confidence to survive this severe crisis.

Jun 24, 2020