FFL Flugschule

MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation 

FFL Flugschule

The MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation / Coordination Training aims to lay the foundation for smooth cooperation within the cockpit crew. The MCC course is thus the link between ATPL training and the subsequent workplace in the cockpit. The focus is on training competencies such as communication, decision-making, teamwork and leadership. The course language is either German or English.

Theoretical training

25 Classroom hours of direct instruction (videos, CBTs, practical examples) in the following topics:

1. Communication
2. Systems normal, abnormal and emergency operation
3. Leadership and Team working
4. Workload Management, Use of Checklist
5. Monitoring and cross-checking, Task sharing
6. Problem solving and Decision making
7. Situational Awareness

Practical training

20 flying hours in the A320 simulator, of which each participant alternates between 10 hours as pilot-flying (PF) and 10 hours as pilot-non-flying (PM).

Duration of training
The theoretical training takes about 3 days, the practical training has a scope of 5 days.
There is no examination. After successful completion of the training, the course participant receives the MCC certificate. The relevant aviation authority (e.g. LBA) enters the MCC authorization in the pilot's license on the basis of this certificate.


Minimum valid PPL(A)-IR or CPL(A)-IR (ATPL - Theory credit and MEP-IR.