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TFC European Airline Services

MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation Training 

TFC European Airline Services

Be very well prepared!

Be well prepared for your role as an airline pilot. Our course is the bridge between your training and your future job. We provide you with the necessary skills to act confidently as a pilot in a cockpit crew.

Course scope

The theoretical training comprises approx. 25 hours, the practical training (simulator training) has a scope of 15* or 20 teaching hours in the simulator. The duration of the course is approx. 7 days, but may vary depending on the number of participants. After successful completion of the training, the course participant receives the MCC certificate. The relevant aviation authority (e.g. LBA) enters the MCC authorization in the pilot's license on the basis of this certificate.

Theoretical Training

25 hours of lessons - direct instruction

Practical training

15* or 20 flying hours of which each participant alternately 10 h as Pilot Flying PF and 10 h as Pilot Monitoring PM

All Information about the MCC-Kurs

Practice-oriented content

You will gain important experience on a commercial aircraft even during your MCC training.

  • Crew Coordination Procedures
  • Advanced Handling Skills
  • Interfaces
  • Leadership & Authority
  • Personality, Attitude & Motivation
  • Teambuilding
  • Communication

Trainingsequipment & Team

Modern simulators:

  • for the preparation for your role as PF/PNF under realistic conditions.
  • Video recording plus REPLAY program for a comprehensive debriefing. For this purpose, both your individual behavior as a PF/PNF and your flying ability are constructively analyzed.

Competent Trainers

Our experienced trainers will provide you with the knowledge you need to act as a responsible pilot in a cockpit crew.

  • TRIs and SFIs with decades of airline-training experience
  • special additional training for "Human Factor Training" and "CRM Training


  • at least a valid PPL(A)-IR or CPL(A)-IR (ATPL theory credit and MEP-IR recommended)
  • Training language: German or English

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