Aviation Quality Center

The Aviation Quality Center is a trademark of interpersonal GmbH. The AQC, the Aviation Quality Center, offers services and support for pilots and ab-initio pilots. In this area, the focus is on the assessment and promotion of skills. In particular, it deals with location assessments as well as training and support offers with which pilots can maintain and improve their qualifications and skills. The Aviation Quality Center AQC will complement the EAQC's selection services with a wide range of offers for people in aviation. We will not leave you alone in times of major changes in air traffic, but will support you in the usual quality with our new corporate division. We are pleased to introduce the Aviation Quality Center AQC to you with the following services:

  • AQCareer.check
  • AQCareer.consutling
  • AQCareer.training
  • AQCareer.support


All information can be found on our website www.eaqc.aero and of course the interpersonal team is available for questions at any time. We look forward to you.

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