How do I become a pilot?

Before you decide to pursue a career as a pilot, you need to decide which license you would like to obtain. As an airline pilot with a CPL (A)-license you'll be flying aircrafts which are navigated by only one pilot. Furthermore, you will be able to work as a co-pilot in aircrafts which must be flown by several pilots with this license. If you obtain an ATPL (A)-license, you can fly aircrafts as a commercial airline pilot, which must be flown with two pilots.You then also have the opportunity to be promoted to a captain. Professional helicopter pilots obtain a CPL (H)-license.




The path into the cockpit usually goes through a flight school. This might be a private flight school, or one affiliated to an airline. In both cases, you need to bear the training costs of approximately 65,000 Euros. Financing models can help to relieve the career start as a pilot. Training at a flight school can be completed in full or part time. Correspondingly, the duration varies between seven and 24 months. As a flight student, you will learn how to fly in theoretical lessons, a flight simulator and during practice flights. Theoretical and practical exams conclude the training.



Certain requirements need to be fulfilled for all three pilot licenses. For example, a medical check that confirms your flight suitability. The German FFA checks if you comply with all security-relevant criteria and if your physical size fulfils certain norms. Proficiency in German and English are often required as well as knowledge in first aid, mathematics and physics.



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