Soziales und Nachhaltigkeit

As a modern and professional personnel service provider in the aviation sector, we not only deal with our day-to-day business, but also with the social and societal issues associated with it. For example, we have decided to support various projects that promote environmental protection, the promotion of young talent and safety - also in relation to the aviation industry. In this way, we also want to make our contribution to a society in which social responsibility and sustainability are a top priority.
Dipl. Kfm. Hans Erhard Walther

interpersonal unterstützt den SVCN e.V.!!!
Gerade der tolle Fußball der Damen hat es uns angetan.
1. Damen • SK 02 (7er) • Herbst - SV Curslack-Neuengamme (
Aufgehts SV Curslack-Neuengamme!!!

interpersonal unterstützt 2022 das Projekt „Ersthelfer von morgen“ : Kinder lernen dabei im Kindergarten, in der Grundschule oder der Jugendgruppe ganz spielerisch die Grundlagen der ersten Hilfe. Teil dieser Ausbildung ist das Mal- und Arbeitsbuch, das ihnen altersgerecht richtiges Verhalten in Notfällen vermittelt und sie dadurch die Scheu vor dem Helfen verlieren. Hoffentlich ergreifen viele der kleinen Racker später den Beruf des Piloten. :)
Vielen Dank an den

To protect our environment, we try to reduce paper consumption in our daily work to an acceptable minimum. Much of our correspondence is digital, and thanks to our comprehensive digital database system, we are well on our way to becoming a paperless office. In order to contribute to the protection and preservation of the forests, we support the WWF with monthly donations (more information on WWF activities and programmes:

In order to gain a professional foothold in aviation, it is important to have a healthy level of general knowledge as well as special skills. Through our career portal we are looking for young pilots and cabin crew for large airlines. A good level of knowledge in the fields of physics, geography, politics and economics is indispensable for a positive result on the selection day. Regular newspaper reading helps young people to acquire basic knowledge of political and social world affairs, to recognize connections and to classify them correctly. For this reason, in cooperation with the Hamburger Abendblatt, we have taken on a one-year reading sponsorship for a Hamburg grammar school (more information at:

The aviation industry is a high-risk industry. Employees here are in a so-called "high-risk environment". But it is also very important in everyday life to know how to act in an emergency. This is why, in cooperation with the publishing house KIM, we support fire safety training for children at the professional fire brigade in Hamburg. In addition to the training, KIM-Verlag publishes a promising learning and training book (more information at:

We support the responsible and important work of the Bundesvereinigung Lebenshilfe e.V. with our monthly donations. Further information about the Lebenshilfe projects can be found at

The initiative against violence aims to support parents and legal guardians in the protection of minors. The main topics are prevention of violence, security, addiction problems, early detection of mobbing and countermeasures as well as the consequences of mobbing and cyberbullying. We support this commitment. Further information about the initiative:

The Association of German Criminal Investigators (BDK) contributes to the development of practical, realistic and progressive crime control through its activities in the political arena, in the public and in the police organisation. We support the work of the BDK. Further information about the BDK

Die interpersonal GmbH ist ein Familienunternehmen und Kinder liegen uns ganz besonders am Herzen. Daher unterstützen wir sehr gerne das Projekt „Trösterbärchen Tommy“ der Verlagsgruppe KIM. Die gespendeten Teddybären werden an den Rettungsdienst-Verbund Stormarn GmbH übergeben. Kinder, die auf die Hilfe der Rettungskräfte angewiesen sind, bekommen den Teddy Tommy noch im Krankenwagen geschenkt, damit er den Kleinen Trost spendet und die Angst nimmt. Zusätzlich können benötigte medizinische Instrumente zuerst am Bärchen demonstriert werden, sodass das Kind die Untersuchung problemlos zulässt.

Die interpersonal GmbH unterstützt sehr gerne das Projekt Hamburger Franzbrötchen Tag. Die gespendeten Einnahmen werden an benachteiligte Jungen und Mädchen gehen. Die Franzbrötchen schmecken sehr gut, wir können dieses Projekt wärmstens empfehlen