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career.training: FNPT. Your Training

Provider:    interpersonal
Price:          from 89 € incl. VAT

Our program for flight school graduates to strengthen their flying skills. We offer you tailor-made packages on our FNPT Piper PA-34 with our experts. Your skills are our priority.

career.consulting: Your personal position determination

Provider:    interpersonal
Price:          from 199 € incl. VAT

If you are looking for individual advice on your professional opportunities at the current time, you have the opportunity for an intensive coaching interview with one of our EAQC teams of experts. Together with you, we develop ways to best meet the competitive job market for pilots. Also possible without contact.

career.check: Pilot. Your career advice

Provider:    interpersonal
Price:          599 € incl. VAT

For many young people, becoming a pilot is a career goal. However, the job market for flight school graduates is very volatile and the economic risks from high-quality training are immense. Our career advice helps you to reduce your risks and test your suitability for this profession.


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Aviation Professionals


  • Condor Ab Initio Programm – CAP (m/w/d)

    Provider:   Condor
    Price:   On Request
  • career.bq-ip
    Basic Qualification ip

    Provider:   interpersonal
    Price:   359 € incl. VAT

    Das Basic Qualification ip Certificate für Ready-Entry Pilot:innen wurde entwickelt um Ihnen die Möglichkeit zu bieten Ihre Fähigkeiten und Fertigkeiten im Rahmen unseres Pilot-Aptitude Testings Testcenters zu überprüfen. Sichern Sie sich Ihren Wettbewerbsvorteil und springen Sie direkt in die nächste Auswahlstufen bei attraktiven Partner-Airlines.

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  • ICAO Language Proficiency Test

    Provider:   say-again.aero
    Price:   From 159,00€
  • MCC inclusive Jet Orientation

    Provider:   AeronautX
    Price:   2.990,- €

    Our training device, the ALSIM ALX represents a twin-engine commercial aircraft. The system configuration represents a combination of Airbus and Boeing aircraft models and is the best possible preparation for both options for your future workplace.

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  • MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation Training

    Provider:   TFC European Airline Services
    Price:   On Request

    Be well prepared for your role as an airline pilot.

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  • career.consulting

    Provider:   interpersonal
    Price:   from 349 € incl. VAT

    Your personal value system forms the foundation of your motivation, behavior and attitudes. With this product you get an objective, scientific and efficient view of your personality and capabilities.

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  • License validation BASIC

    Provider:   Aviation Professionals
    Price:   from 988,00 €

    Our basic product for License validation includes a thorough online preparation course and feedback in a professional manner at airline standard. LPE and/ or ATPL Skill Test may be combined with your LPC.

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  • ATPL (Ab Initio) – The integrated training

    Provider:   FFL Flugschule
    Price:   On Request
  • ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot License

    Provider:   FMG - FlightTraining
    Price:   On Request

    The "integrated training to become a commercial pilot" is a training course approved by the LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt) and lasting a maximum of three years, which complies with EU Regulation 1178 / 2011 Annex 3 A, the so-called: Continuous training ab initio to CPL/IR with ATPL theory credit and MCC, the so-called "Frozen ATPL".

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  • APS MCC - Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Cooperation

    Provider:   AeronautX
    Price:   5.990,- €

    In addition to the classic MCC course with 20 hours of practice, the APS MCC course with twice the amount of practice units is the perfect preparation. In contrast to the MCC certificate of attendance, you will receive a course certificate after successfully completing the APS MCC course, which will certainly give you an advantage in job applications.

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