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A dream job for many young people - a job in the aviation sector! In fact, there are many more jobs in aviation that those of pilot and steward. There are many interesting and exciting options and entry opportunities with great future prospects just waiting to be discovered.

The providers are commercial airlines and airports as well as flight schools, aviation forwarders, and the military sector.  Young professionals often get trained in excellent programmes at training centres or partnered universities.

Let us present to you the diversity of aviation professions, divided into operative, technical and commercial professions.

Operative vocations in aviation

In operative aviation careers, all vocations from operative aviation are summarized. These include vocations such as pilots, flight attendants, specialists for aerial supervision, aircraft handlers and flight service advisors.



Operative Vocations

Technical vocations in aviation

Maths, physics, chemistry - not a problem? You're fascinated by aircrafts? Then a job in technical aviation is the right thing for you! Find out about various vocations such as engineer for aerospace technology, aircraft mechanic or aircraft electrician.


Technical Vocations

Commercial vocations in aviation

You're interested in aviation, have a talent for organisation and love communicating? Then a job in commercial aviation is the right thing for you! Find out about various jobs such as service and sales manager for aviation, ground host/ess / service agent or aviation security officer.


Commercial Vocations