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Flight Crew

First Officer, Captain, Second Officer, Chief Pilot, Captain TRE / TRI, Flight Engineer, Flight Student, Chief Flight Instructor, Flight Instructor, Supervision Commander (SC)

Cabin Crew

Cabin Chief Purser, Flight Attendant (Ready Entry), Flight Attendant (Ab Initio), Senior Flight Attendant, Cabin Crew (Ready Entry), Cabin Crew (Ab Initio)


Engineer, Aircraft Mechanic, Aerospace Engineering, Certifying Staff, Aircraft Electronic, Aircraft Electronic, Electrician, Electronics Engineer for Aeronautical Systems, IT specialist, Fluggerätelektroniker/in, Fluggerätmechaniker/in Fertigungstechnik, Fluggerätmechaniker/in Instandhaltungstechnik, Fluggerätmechaniker/in Triebwerkstechnik, Ingenieur/in, Ingenieur/in Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik, Ingenieur/in Qualitätssicherung, IT- Fachkraft, Metallbauer/in, Metallfacharbeiter/in, NDT-Prüfer/in, Certifying Staff (A, B1.2, B1.4), Certifying Staff (B2, B1.1, B1.3), Certifying Staff EASA (Cat. C)

General Management

Managing Director / CEO, Management Consultant, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Information Technology, Procurement Manager

Aviation Management

Quality Manager, Manager Cabin Services, Manager Flight Operations, Manager Ground Operations, Chief Ground Instructor, Manager Training, Manager Operations Control, Auditor, Technical Fleet Manager

Operation / Administration

Adminstrator / Clerk, Scheduler / Rosterer, Crew Planer, Flight Dispatcher, Operations Controller, Movement Controller, Dispatcher Training, Navigation and Performance Officer, Quality & Safety, Assistent/in der Geschäftsleitung, Projektmanager/in

Airport & Ground Support

Gound Support Officers, Ground Handling Agent, Ticketing & Passenger Services, Check-in-Agent/in, Fachkraft Schutz- und Sicherheit, Flugzeugabfertiger/in, Servicekraft Schutz- und Sicherheit, Servicemitarbeiter/in Fluggastbetreuung

Commercial & Other

Finance / Administration, Sales & Marketing, IT and Information Services, Betriebswirt/in, Controller/in, Servicekaufmann/frau im Luftverkehr, Insurance Business

Hotel & Gastronomy

Hotel Manager/-ess, Restaurant Manager/-ress, Cook, F & B Host / Hostess, Waiter / Server

Apprenticeships / Trainings

Apprenticeships, Internship / Work Experience, University Edication, Integrated Degree Program