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interpersonal, situated in Hamburg, is a specialized personnel service company for the airline industry. In cooperation with various leading companies in the aviation industry, interpersonal is the publisher of the job portal specializing in aviation:

Trust the market leader in recruitment and selection of aviation personnel.

Business areas

interpersonal offers placement and recruitment services for airlines, flight schools and aviation employers and carries out various quality assurance services for flying personnel, operational management and other aviation professions.

Our four pillars:


  • European Aviation Qualification Center EAQC

  • Aviation Quality Center AQC

  • skypool

Platform for all services related to recruitment. The platform for optimal applicant management. Transparent, efficient and inexpensive. Our website has a large reach and market relevance. The leader in aviation personnel.

European Aviation Qualification Center EAQC

All aviation personnel selection services are offered here. The products include basic qualifications, screenings on all common full flight simulators and our corporate qualifications. Our aviation experts set standards here that renowned airlines worldwide trust.

Aviation Quality Center AQC

A completely new product area at interpersonal. We are breaking new ground to meet the challenges of aviation in the usual quality. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic require appropriate measures to cushion the changes in the labor market for aviation personnel. We support aviation personnel in all questions of qualification, training and license maintenance.



The skypool covers the area of ​​temporary employment. Equal pay, equal treatment. We offer intelligent solutions to tailor your personnel needs.





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