Aviation Professionals 

Aviation Professionals


The founders of Aviation Professionals have been shaping the procedures and processes in one of Europe's leading leisure airlines for several years. Right from the start we implemented new processes and methods, especially in the areas of training and selection of cockpit personnel. Our focus was always on increasing the skills of our crews. The use of modern aids (e.g. online training courses) enables us not only to achieve high cost efficiency for the company, but also solves the problem of locality for the participants. Unnecessary journeys and hotel stays can be saved. The course participants are less stressed, have more free time and, supported by an improved work-life balance, can concentrate better on the course content and maintaining their flying skills.


Time and time again, the aviation industry finds itself in a crisis due to various global events. Due to its global dependency, it is very sensitive to events such as political unrest, pandemics and economic crises.


Due to this volatility, airlines are repeatedly unable to employ elaborately trained personnel in times of crisis and then have to ensure the necessary personnel capacity again during the next upswing through extensive selection processes and training measures.


Through our specially developed programs, we maintain the skills of the airliner in times of low demand at manageable costs and can thus support personnel requirement planning in the event of continuously changing personnel demand.


Our target group includes the entire spectrum of pilots from freshly trained pilots to experienced instructors, whereby we are able to offer each of our customers an individually tailored program.


  • Our highly qualified trainers have been carefully selected, are standardized by us and actively train in airlines.
  • Individual airline process SOPS (standard process) or manufacturer process, the choice is yours.
  • Cost-effective training at up to 20% lower costs compared to in-house training.
  • We use the latest and most modern training methods.
  • There is a future after CBT.