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FFL Flugschule

Jet Orientation Course (JOC) 

FFL Flugschule

The Jet Orientation Course (JOC) builds the bridge from the training aircraft to the complex and more powerful jet airliner. The growing importance of this preparatory step is reflected in the fact that many airlines now require jet orientation training prior to the first type rating. While the MCC course focuses on the cooperation of the cockpit crew, the JOC focuses on manual flying skills.

The training focuses on the following disciplines:

- Jet Handling Characteristics
- Flights at different Airspeeds
- Steep Turns
- High Altitude Flying
- Energy Management
- Intended Flight Path
- Landing and Go-Around Considerations
- Integrated Autopilot (AP) / Flight Director (FD) and Autothrust (A/THR) Systems

The training includes intensive briefings and debriefings:

- 6 hours. in the stationary Airbus A320 - simulator as individual training
- If the training takes place as usual with 2 trainees, 6 hours each are completed as Pilot Flying (PF) and 6 hours as Pilot Monitoring (PM). This results in a double number of training hours without additional costs.


Minimum valid PPL(A)-IR or CPL(A)-IR (ATPL - Theory Credit and MEP-IR recommended).

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