FFL Flugschule

Advanced Upset Prevention und Recovery Training (UPRT) 

FFL Flugschule

This is a special training course that has been mandatory for practically all training courses for professional pilots since the end of 2019. The English word "upset" means as much as "flipped over", i.e. an aircraft in a limit flight condition.
You learn to be aware of certain limit flight conditions, to avoid them - "prevention" - and, if they do occur, to recover from them - "recovery".

The background to this is the accumulation of incidents and accidents in commercial aviation in which pilots were found to have deficiencies in basic flying to the extent that they failed to recognize an aircraft stall and were unable to terminate the situation. This was often accompanied by pilots losing the battle against the complex systems of a modern commercial aircraft. Also in light of the fact that "Loss of Control" is the number one cause of fatal accidents in all of aviation, it was concluded that the requirements for pilot training should be increased to teach you more "Basic Flying" again, especially in the area of borderline flight conditions.

Essential Advanced UPRT Training Maneuvers.
- Stall (in various flight positions)
- Accelerated Stall
- Unusual Attitudes
- Spin
- Spiral Dive

Training scope

5 hours Theory and 3 hours of Flight practice (4 sessions à 45 minutes) on the type Grob 115D

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