TFC European Airline Services 

TFC European Airline Services

Aviation company since 1982

We have been in the world of aviation for decades - because we care about quality, modern equipment and a competent team, we are always evolving.

Competence & Quality

„TFC Käufer stands for professional flight training out of passion. Just as every detail counts in flying, every individual counts in our team. Because they make an important contribution to our success. Honest and respectful cooperation is therefore very important to us and characterizes our mutual interaction. The employees of TFC Käufer are proven experts with a high level of professional competence, who create optimal results in a progressive manner and with great commitment. With our know-how and commitment we create safety for aviation as well as for our customers.“

MCC | Multi Crew Cooperation Training FCL.735.A

  • Be very well prepared!
  • Be well prepared for your role as an airline pilot.
  • Our course builds the bridge between your education and your future workplace.
  • We will teach you the necessary skills so that you can act confidently as a pilot in a cockpit crew.


Refresher Training

Type ratings in accordance with FCL 740 | TRI/SFI instructor certification in accordance with FCL 940

Extension | Renewal of Type ratings in accordance with FCL 740

For your extension or renewal of type rating in accordance with FCL 740, we organize your Prof. Check FCL 740.Aa in conjunction with FCL 625.A(IR) or for renewal your refresher training in accordance with AMC 1, FCL 740 (b)/FCL 625 (c). In doing so, we take into account your overall experience as well as the expiration date of your rating. Based on this, we will create an individual training program for you.

Extension | Renewal of Instructor Certification TRI/SFI in accordance with FCL 94

For your renewal of your instructor license, we offer you our refresher trainings, which have proven themselves for decades, as well as, if required, your competence assessment in accordance with FCL 935. For the renewal, we provide you with a program required in accordance with FCL.