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Aircraft Mechanic

What exactly do aircraft mechanics do?


Aircraft mechanics manufacture engines and aircrafts of all kinds. They also take on maintenance and servicing. The variety of tasks depend on the specific field of studies: production technology, maintenance technology and engine technology.



  • Aircraft mechanics specialising in production technology
  • Production mechanics produce aircrafts and maintain them.


  • Aircraft mechanics specialising in maintenance
  • Aircraft mechanics specialising in maintenance ensure the functionality of aircrafts and assemble or repair components.


  • Aircraft mechanics specialising in engine technology
  •  Aircraft mechanics specialising in engine technology manufacture engines and maintain them.


Aircraft mechanics work predominantly in the aviation and aerospace industries. Employers may be manufacturers of aircrafts or helicopters, as well as repair and maintenance workshops at airlines and airports. Furthermore, they can be deployed at air force bases in the Federal Army.


Which requirements do aircraft mechanics need to fulfil?

A high school diploma is the basic requirement for pursuing training as an aircraft mechanic. Furthermore, technical talent, manual abilities and great English proficiency belong to the most important requirements for this profession.


How can I become an aircraft mechanic?

Aircraft mechanic is a recognised profession in the German Vocation Training Act (BBiG). The training takes place in one of the so-called subject areas (production technology, maintenance technology or engine technology).


Where does training to become an aircraft mechanic take place?


The 3 1/2 year dual-training is regulated nationwide and takes place in corresponding educational institutes and at vocational schools.


How good are the prospects and advancement opportunities as an aircraft mechanic?


There are various opportunities for advancement possible in this business; these vary from employer to employer.


How high is the salary as an aircraft mechanic?


The salary as an aircraft mechanic varies from employer to employer. The average salary comes to around 2,500 EUR  (status from 2010).


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