Ground host/ess

What exactly do ground hostesses / service agents do?


Ground hostesses / service agents process and check flight tickets and travel documentation, allocate seats and issue boarding passes. Furthermore, they check in the luggage. Moreover, they arrange announcements or make them themselves. Ground hostesses / service agents also give information regarding flights, take-off and landing times and the airports.

Ground hostesses / service agents work in in aviation companies, e.g. at airports, passenger information and support.


Which requirements do ground hostesses / service agents need to fulfil?


Requirements for ground hostesses / service agents are:

  • Fluent written and spoken German and English
  • Commercial training in aviation is an advantage
  • A background check by the Aviation Security Authority


How can I become a ground hostess /service agent?


Ground hostess / agent is not a recognised training vocation.


Where does training to become a ground hostess take place?


As ground hostess is not a training vocation, it is not possible to state a location.


How good are the prospects and advancement opportunities as a ground hostess?


There are various opportunities for advancement possible in this business, these vary from employer to employer.


How high is the salary as a ground hostess / service agent?


The salary as a ground hostess / service agent varies from employer to employer. The average salary comes to around 1,800 EUR  (status from 2010).