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Germania Insolvency

The consequences of the Germania Insolvency

Germania Insolvency

Following Airline Germania's insolvency, the consequences affects above all the employees as well as smaller airports. According to details of the interim insolvency administrators, Germania has 1,678 employees in the 3 business areas in total who are affected by the bankruptcy. This includes around 400 pilots according to the Trade Union Association Cockpit. "The crews are sure to find jobs at other airlines", says aviation expert Gerald Wissel. However, the technical staff from Air Berlin had some difficulties finding new positions. One spokesperson of the interim insolvency administrator said the Germania employees are financially secured by insolvency funds.


In contrast to the Air Berlin bankruptcy over a year ago, there shouldn't be a battle to obtain the slots and aircrafts. At the regional airlines which Germania mainly operated from, there wasn't any lack of take-off and landing times. The only exception to this could be Dusseldorf where the time slots are rather tight. Lufthansa announced it was not interested in a takeover of the Berlin airline.


The Germania insolvency affects above all the smaller airports. Erfurt, for example, will lose more than two thirds of the planned flights. Rostock-Laage can't really do without the flights from Germania, which account for about half of all business. "We have too few airlines that could offer flights. Along with Germania, we are losing a successful niche player.", lamented the CEO of the German Airports Association ADV, Ralph Beisel.


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Feb 6, 2019

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