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Embraer E190

New Embraer E190 for German Airways

Embraer E190

© Zeitfracht-Gruppe


The airline WDL, which is marketed jointly with LGW by the Zeitfracht Group under the name "German Airways", has ordered two more modern Embraer E190 aircraft. WDL already operates three jets of this aircraft type. The two new aircraft will replace the older BAe 146-200 models currently in service. They are to be phased out by the end of the year and will go to an Australian investor.

"Last autumn we announced the switch to the E190 jets. The order of further Embraer jets and the simultaneous sale of the BAe aircraft are now an important step in our modernisation and growth strategy, which is based on a pronounced customer orientation," said Dominik Wiehage, Managing Director of German Airways.

German Airways flies the Embraer E190 jets for numerous renowned European airlines, including easyJet, Finnair, Polish Airlines LOT and Air France. It has also established itself as the carrier of numerous Bundesliga clubs for their away matches in Germany and other European countries.



Nov 13, 2019

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