About Level

Numerous flights in Europe and around the world will soon be branded with the name Level. The new airline places emphasis on a great value for money, absolute appreciation for the customer and a love of flying. The fleet, which is already large, is set to grow steadily over the next years. The future should see a number of short-haul destinations being flown to from the hub in Vienna, Austria.

Level is currently looking for experienced and inexperienced co-pilots and captains. Applicants can expect attractive remuneration, professional operations and a great team.

The recruiting and selection process takes place at Interpersonal in Hamburg. Future pilots can expect a series of selection steps.

The selection process takes places partly on a computer and partly in a FNPT. On passing the selection process, successful candidates will be offered a contract of employment.

Vienna constitutes the newly founded airline's hub in central Europe. Besides numerous tourist attractions, the city also offers an extremely high standard of living.